The interior design basics

What is interior design?

Interior design is the practice of decorating an interior to create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. The goal is to improve peoples’ lives through their experience of a space—and for the space to be reflective of their personality and personal style. Interior design can be both structural (which considers spatial layout, materials, and built-in fixtures) as well as decorative (which includes paint colors, furniture selection and layout, and decorative accents).

There are two types of interior design problems. Modsy help solves them both through the power of 3D design.

• Spatial layout • Materials • Built-in fixtures

• Paint colors • Furniture selection & layout • Decorative accents

The Modsy 3D Difference

Why is interior design important?

Our environments directly affect our mood and emotions, which means that the interior design of a space has a direct impact on those who use or inhabit it. A space’s interior design—from the layout to the decorative accents can make you feel calm or on-edge, claustrophobic or joyful. So, it logically follows that, because of this emotional link between you and your surroundings, a well-designed space can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Modsy has helped thousands of people improve their lives though the power of interior design.

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What are the different interior design styles?

There are an infinite number of style combinations in the world of interior design! But most design professionals agree on a few high-level categories. Explore them all in our Design Ideas feed to get inspired.

At Modsy, we work in any style there is. Here are our most popular customer styles:

Mid-Century Modern

Inspired by mid-twentieth century design and features clean lines, natural wood, and bold colors. With a focus on comfort, this style has a slight sense of whimsy and an organic approach to furniture shapes and forms.

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Celebrates spaces that are comfortable, warm, and inviting. Rustic interiors often feature traditional or antique-inspired furniture, plenty of texture and natural materials, and one-of-a-kind pieces with vintage flair.

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Upholds the principle that less is more. So, a minimalist space is free of unnecessary furniture or decorative objects. But what is present is often sculptural or made with raw, natural materials so that the functional object itself becomes the decor.

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We'll help you discover your personal design style.

How long does interior design take?

Design timelines vary quite a bit, because interior design is an ever-evolving process. The design process can take anywhere from weeks to months. It all depends on the project—if it has a strict or fluid schedule, how much back and forth is needed, if you want to shop online or take time searching for antiques and unique pieces. Your overall vision and goals for the space will guide that timeline.

Another thing to consider: Once you’ve decided on what to buy for your space, furniture lead times can be as quick as two weeks if something is in stock and ready to deliver, or as long as a few months if it’s custom made or on backorder. So, even if the design process is complete, it can still take a while before your room actually feels done

Online interior design with Modsy is a great way to expedite the process and works in just three easy steps!

Once you start a project, your initial designs will be delivered in a matter of weeks, not months. From there, you can work one-on-one with your designer to tweak and finalize the designs

Modsy vs traditional interior designers
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Interior designers

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer can help you with many things. They’ll help you realize your personal style and introduce you to new styles and design ideas for your space. They can also help you land on an ideal room layout and find pieces that look great in your space and meet any specific needs (like if you need furniture that’s kid or pet-friendly). Ultimately—and most importantly—they’ll help bring out the best in your space and help your home to become a place that you truly love.

How much does an interior designer cost?

At Modsy, working with an interior designer starts at $159. Unlike most traditional designers, we charge per room, not per hour. Working with a traditional interior designer can cost anywhere from $75-$450 per hour—or even more if you’re working with a celebrity designer. This means you could easily spend a total of $2,000-$5,000 per room, depending on your location and skill level of the designer. (And that doesn’t include the furniture and decor you actually end up buying.)

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Interior design and you

Why should I decorate my home?

Decorating your home is a way to bring your personal style to life and surround yourself with things that you love. Our surroundings also have a direct impact on our emotions and mental state—whether in obvious or subtle ways. And it’s commonly accepted that better designed spaces lead to happier lives. And who doesn’t want to increase their happiness?

Can interior design help my home’s value?

In short: Yes! Interior designers can help you choose permanent finishes, such as floors, fixtures, wall colors, and wallpaper, all of which can improve the look (and desirability) of your home. Having a beautifully designed home will also mean that you might not need to pay for staging when it’s time to sell your home. A well-designed space can also help prospective buyers feel inspired and excited about purchasing your home—which hopefully means it will sell faster.

How do I know my interior design style?

It can take a while to really narrow in on your style. But we suggest you start by observing what you like. Browse Pinterest, Instagram, and our Design Ideas feed to get inspired. You can also find inspiration offline, through magazines, books, and even observing the design of restaurants, stores, and other people’s homes. Start saving images of interiors and products that you love and look for common threads. The key is simply to be curious! You can also take our Modsy Style Quiz, which can help you pinpoint your tastes.

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

An interior designer is a great resource for all kinds of projects, from large-scale remodels to just purchasing a few pieces of furniture or decor. When it comes to buying furniture, it’s all-too-easy to buy the wrong size sofa or table, or to buy a whole room of stuff that doesn’t work well together—which can be quite a costly mistake. An interior designer will partner with you to help you discover what you like, what goes well together, and help guide you through the buying process.

They can help you find the right furniture and decor based on your style, budget, and needs for your space. And they’ll help you pull everything together a cohesive look—which is especially great if you’re decorating a room or a whole home from scratch.

How can an interior designer save me money?

While working with an interior designer is an investment, there are many ways that they can also save you money. To begin with, they’ll help make sure you don’t buy the wrong furniture—whether it’s a piece that doesn’t fit right, doesn’t look good with your other furniture, or just isn’t really your style. That will save you time, money, and the headache of dealing with returns or exchanges.

Modsy allows you to visualize pieces in your exact space so you can be 100% sure they’ll fit.

An interior designer and stylists at Modsy will also help you invest in the right pieces, using their expertise to guide you toward quality pieces that fit your style for the long haul.

We'll help you discover your personal design style.