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Interior Design

Help a special someone bring the room of their dreams to life with the gift of an online interior design package.

How Gifting Modsy Works

We’re so glad you asked. Simply select the design package you’d like to gift and share a few details about your gift recipient.

We’ll email your giftee on the day and time of your choosing with a personalized note and code to start their design project.

After that, they’ll work with us to design a space they love and you can take all the credit.

Why They’ll Love It

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It’s Personal

They’ll see their design hopes and dreams to life in their exact room. Our designers will customize everything to their style, budget, and needs.

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It’s Easy

Our process is totally virtual! Your giftee can do everything online, on their schedule, and from the comfort of their home.

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It’s Delightful

Your giftee can play with their design on their own and try out new furniture and decor in seconds. That’s endlessly more fun than socks.

Real Customer Stories

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We were SO excited to see the first round of Modsy designs, and they fully lived up to our expectations.

Jackie and Mike
Style: Classic Collector + Rustic Traveler
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Modsy totally changed my perceptions about using an online service. Their great design work sold me in no time

Andrea W.
Style: Rustic Warmth
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This experience was a game changer for us. I’m an HGTV junkie and Modsy is the next best thing to being on one of those shows!

Audra M.
Style: Contemporary Minimalist
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Overall, Modsy helped me tap into my design style and feel confident that I was buying all the right things for my home office. Thanks Modsy!

Sarah O.
Style: Refined Rustic
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Working with Modsy was great because we were able to see designs come to life in our exact room!

Mike and Carrie
Style: Mod Collector
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When my daughter got home from school, I showed her the design and she burst into tears. Modsy really nailed exactly what both of us were looking for.

Amie S
Style: Rustic Traveler
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The visualization of the final space was super helpful when deciding what pieces to purchase.

Alec O.
Style: Mod Visionary

How Modsy Works

Room with Dimensions

1. Show Us Your Space

Take a few photos and measurements of your space (clutter and all)

Custom Design Proofs Example

2. Get Custom Design Plans

Get magical, photo-real designs in a 3D version of your exact room.

Example of Adding to Cart

3. Shop with Confidence

Shop directly from your design plans in one easy checkout and earn exclusive discounts