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We can help you design almost any room in your house, including your living room, dining room, open living/dining space, entryway, bedroom (kids, master, or guest), home office, or nursery. We also now support kitchen, bathroom, and new home build projects with our Renovation design package. Learn more about this new offering and request early access.

At this time we don’t offer design services for closets, outdoor living spaces, or commercial office spaces.

Our design delivery times range from 2-3 weeks. Once you submit your project, your designer will reach out with an exact delivery date for your initial designs.
Designing in a rush? We offer an expedited option for our Premium design package, which you can select at checkout. For our Luxe package, you’ll work directly with your Luxe designer to review your project and determine a timeline based on your needs.

This depends on the overall scope of your project and level of hands-on help you want bringing your designs to life. Learn more about what’s included in our packages and which is best for you here.

All of our packages include custom 3D designs in your exact room, based on your style and budget.

We know design is a process and sometimes it takes a few rounds to get things just right. That’s why we always offer unlimited design revisions so you can be sure that you’ll land on a design you love (or your money back).

Once you get your initial designs, let your designer know what you think! You can message them with feedback and request a revision at any time. Then, sit back and relax while the magic happens!

No matter which package you choose, you’ll be working with one of our expert Modsy designers. Learn more about our designers, their qualifications, and our training and vetting process here.

This depends on which package you choose. With our Premium design package, you’ll have a kick-off call with your designer to review your project as well as unlimited messaging with your designer to share feedback and make changes to your designs.

With our Luxe design package, in addition to the project kick-off call, you’ll also enjoy a design reveal video call to walk through your new designs as well as unlimited messaging with your dedicated designer.

With all of our packages, you’ll also be able to rate your designs, request revisions, and communicate with your designer directly from your designs.

Our 3D design process makes designing your room impossibly easy. Get the step-by-step scoop on how our process works here.

Here’s a quick summary of our process: Use our iOS app to quickly scan your room or upload photos of your space to our site. We’ll turn them into a 3D version of your exact room. Then, we’ll ask you a few questions to help your designer get to know you and what you’re looking for in your design. After that, you can sit back and relax while your Modsy designer turns your input into an interactive 3D design of your room perfectly styled to suit your style, budget, and needs. From there, you can work with your designer to make changes or make tweaks on your own until you land on a design you love!

Yes, we’re more than happy to include pieces you already own in your designs. Once you purchase a package, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your room and you’ll be able to tell your designer if there are pieces you want to include in your designs.
We currently offer two ways to include pieces you already own in your design. At no cost to you, our design team can find stand-ins for up to 3 of your piece(s) from our 3D catalog (think a look-alike piece that’s a close match in color/size/shape). Alternatively, for a small fee of $25/item our team will build a custom 3D model of your exact piece so you can see how it will look and fit in your room alongside new furniture and decor.

Our Premium and Luxe design packages include consults to help us get to know you, your space, and what you’re looking for in your design.

While each call is unique to you and your designer, in general you can expect to chat about the overall Modsy process, the timeline for your project, your style and functional needs, and what you think of your designs and any changes you’d like to see.

With our Premium package you’ll consult with your designer before they start design work for your project. With our Luxe package you’ll have both a kick-off call with your designer as well as follow-up calls to reveal your initial designs and discuss additional changes.

All of our Modsy designers are hand-selected to ensure that you’re always working with the best of the best to bring your project to life.

For our Premium design package, each designer goes through rigorous training, providing them extensive design expertise. Our top-tier Luxe package designers are thoroughly vetted, with only the highest customer ratings, and are the most exclusive design talent at Modsy.

Yes! You can design up to 8 rooms at a discounted rate with both of our design packages. This is great if you have multiple rooms in need of some design love and want to work with the same designer to get a cohesive look across all your projects.

Yes! All of our design packages have the option to add additional rooms (at a discounted rate) so you can work with the same designer across several spaces (up to 8 rooms).

Fun fact: Our design packages never expire! That means you can buy up to 8 rooms at a discount now, and start designing them whenever you’re ready.

We work with a wide variety of partners from well-known brands to unique and exclusive vendors. One of the advantages of designing your room with Modsy is that you’ll have access to products (and prices) that are not available to the public, so you’ll be sure to find pieces that meet your style and budget.

Learn more about our brand partners here.

We sometimes offer discounts or promotions on our design packages. We recommend signing up for our emails so you’ll be the first to know about any sales.

We also offer a referral program, which allows you to share a discount with your friends and you’ll also receive a 20% discount when they start their project.

Yes! With our Premium and Luxe design packages we can show you how new wall paint colors will look in your room. Once you start your project, you can let your designer know that you’d like to see new paint options and they will incorporate them into your design.

Yes! Our Luxe and Renovation packages are perfect solutions for new construction homes and rooms undergoing renovations. Depending on the status of your construction, we recommend either the Luxe or the Renovation package as your best choice.
In both packages, you can see your planned updates come to life (including new flooring, finishes, adding/removing cabinets or walls, etc.) in your 3D designs. You’ll also have the option to send us a blueprint or floor plan instead of photos and measurements, which is great if your home is not built yet!

Our Luxe package is ideal when you have finalized blueprints or construction is complete, and you are looking for guidance on the finishes and furnishing of your home.

Our Renovation package is the ideal service for expert design guidance for structural changes to your home, as well as kitchen and bathroom renovations. Learn more about this new offering and get early access.

Yes! We’re now offering a new Renovation design package that lets you bring your remodeling project or new home build to life. With this early access offering, you can work with an expert renovation designer to see your space completely transformed, including knocking down walls, reconfiguring your home layout, or visualizing new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and more!

Just want to visualize changes that are in the works? With our Luxe design package, you can see your planned changes like new flooring, new finishes, or adding/removing built-ins alongside new furniture and decor in your exact room. Learn more about what’s included in our Luxe design package.

Yes! With our Luxe design package your designer will be more than happy to show you window treatments in your design.

Currently, we only offer design packages in the 48 contiguous United States

We’re thrilled you’re interested in using our services for commercial use. Unfortunately, at this time Modsy is only available for residential use only and we are unable to support real estate or interior designers.

Our design packages never expire, so you can purchase a package anytime (even during sales) and start your project whenever you’re ready.

Designing your room online may sound crazy, but we’ve done the hard work to make the process fun, fast, affordable, and easy! You’ll start by sending us a few photos and measurements of our room (or simply scan your space with your phone camera if you’re using our iOS app) and we’ll turn it all into an exact replica of your room in stunningly realistic 3D. Then, your designer will do the heavy lifting and decorate your room with real furniture and decor, virtually. When you get your life-like designs, you’ll be able to see exactly how everything will look and fit in your room, and you can shop your whole look in one easy checkout. Those are just a few of the many perks of room design online. Learn more about how the full design process works!

With our new Renovation package you can now knock out walls, move the bathroom across the hall, or remodel your kitchen, all virtually! Get expert renovation guidance on new flooring, countertops, fixtures, appliances, home layout reconfigurations, and more!
Get cohesive designs for neighboring rooms and up to your entire home. You’ll experience your reimagined space with a virtual walkthrough tour. Learn more about this new offering and get early access.

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